The NSCF Board of Directors

The North Star Community Foundation thanks our current and past Board of Directors members for their service to the Foundation and to the Fairbanks Community. Their collective efforts have brought the NSCF to the level of success it now enjoys.

Currently Serving NSCF Board Members

President: Owen Guthrie
Vice President: Anne Biberman
Secretary: Deison Rios
Treasurer: Kendra Calhoun
Director: Helene Aarons
Director: Joel Keeney
Director: Lorian Nettleton
Director: Juella Sparks
Director: Vacant


Former NSCF Board Members

Victoria Foote Mahla Strohmaier
Gerald Brown Taylor Eckert
Annie Hopper Diane Christiansen
Sacha Layos Montean Jackson
Bernard Gatewood J.B. Brainerd
Graehl D'yani Brooks Julia Quist
Pete Pinney Valerie Dewey



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