Idea #1 for Potential Board Member Cause - AK Land Trust

I have a few different ideas about causes that I'd be interested in championing as a NSCF Board Member. I thought I'd post them here. I hope that with input from the other members, I can select one to move ahead with. Also, I hope the process of discussing the three different options is helpful for all.

The first potential candidate is the Interior AK Land Trust. They buy land or acquire development rights to protect green spaces and further conservation goals around the interior of AK. Preservation of these spaces and providing outdoor recreation opportunities is in an important community service. I really like the cause. I'm doing some work with them, but I have not yet approached them about the idea. I'm not sure they'd be receptive, but I think they would. They don't seem particularly invested in a particular fundraising strategy and I can imagine fundraising campaigns to buy a particular piece of land propagating well on social media. 




AK Land Trust

I can imagine the partnership with the Alaska Land Trust to be a special project for a particular acquisition, where that group drove the priority but used their own non-profit status. (I'm assuming they are a non-profit.) then they would use the group concept for their network of interested donors. Recently, the Alaska Bird Observatory closed its doors because their debt was too much to sustain. They are a group that may need something similar based on what the interest of the birding community might be. Then again, maybe they might be better partnered with Creamer's Field.

a conversation about goals and tools we could offer might be a good start.

How about a focus point for starters?

Perhaps the group members could put some time in thinking about what specific need in the community would require land and then think about what land might serve the purpose. Then a group could be formed around the specific goal, which I tend to think is easier to motivate people (well it is for me) to support than a generalized benefit.

For instance, a youth ballpark. 

A)  Is there a need or a good reason to generate a new ball diamond where kids can play sandlot baseball? 

B) If so, is there a vacant lot or so that would lend itself to becoming North Start Community Ball Park  (a little co-branding)

If these are so, then create a fund and a group with a goal of acquiring the land, seeding the lawn, installing some bases and perhaps a couple of sets of bleachers where community baseball can be played and enjoyed.

This might not be the best example, but it illustrates the point.

What other ideas can members come up with?

The discussion can kick around possiblie ideas.


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