Idea #3 - Creating New Group: Fairbanks Youth Service League

Lastly, I've been doing some long term substitute teaching at a local High School. I've been struck by how many teenagers live in group homes in our community.

My daughters are doing some fundraising for their High School class - they are effective fundraisers but lack the knowledge of where those gifts would be most appreciated and where they would serve the most benefit. I'm thinking of suggesting they do something to motivate their peers and possibly other student councils at other High Schools. Doing something for their fellow young people - but that would probably involve founding some sort of service group, Fairbanks Youth Service League or something. I'm a bit reluctant to start something, but I can see it being effective on social media. This one probably has the steepest approach and obviously some of the details are still murky to me. It has great potential, however.

I look forward to any thoughts or suggestions anyone may have.




Group homes

This concept is harder for me to get my brain around. Do you mean homes for homeless youth, group homes for youth with disabilities, or something else or all the above? Presbyterian Hospitality House has group homes for teens with emotional problems. FRA has group homes for all with developmental disabilities. Office of Children's Services licenses group homes for foster care. I'd need a framework for knowing how to think about the right partners and what could be achieved through NSCF funds.

Provide a Framework for Youth Community efforts?

Well, one rather random thought is that NSCF could layout a process that would utilize the donation mechanism at the site and the funding models in such a fashion so as to provide a generic framework or template for a specific effort.

Then go to the schools and present the framework as a blank-slate working tool to the students and urge them to think about how to use it to tie their fundraising efforts to goals specific to each school.  Then let them define the benefits they think matter and use the NSCF framework to accomplish it.

After the initial powerpoint and some procedures are developed, it would be just a matter of going to each school at the beginning of the year and giving the presentation.

Good look ahead

Owen must have been somewhat precient.

The West Valley High campaign to pass the hat for the Fairbanks Youth Advocates is underway.

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