Idea #2 - North Star Youth Court

Another option is the North Star Youth Court.

I ran into one of their staff members at the AAP meeting and since then, two of my daughters have joined. For those who don't know, young people are trained as attourneys and judges and serve on the Youth Court. The Youth Court handles the real cases of first time juvenile offenders in the Fairbanks Court System. Participation by offenders is not mandatory, but there are several incentives for participating in the program. I think they provide a really beneficial social service. They have a very slim operating budget and are in the process of losing their free office space in City Hall.

I can imagine contributions to the youth court propagating well on social media - especially among youth. Also, I know they are not very evolved in their fundraising efforts - I think they have a benefit dinner or art show once a year. Approaching them on the subject is something I'm willing to do - but I'm not sure how their association with the AAP affects that idea.

Here is their website:



This group would be a natural fit for our web social networking endeavors. They, like many social service non-profits are a member of Arctic Alliance for People. That would not create a limitation. The new executive director, Kaitlyn, is ready to expand to new ways of raising friends and funds. This concept could be a formal presentation to NSYC. Xi like it.

Making the case.

What would a campaign to generate donations for this fund look like?

How/where/in what medium do you put out the calls for the need?

What is the benefit for the community that would accrue if NSYC continues to operate?

Perhaps answerig some of these questions would let us think about how the NSCF and the website could assist.

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