About the NSCF

Learn about the North Star Community Foundation:

The Concept:

The North Star Community Foundation (NSCF) operates exclusively for charitable purposes as a 501(c) (3) designed to aid and assist the general welfare of the citizens of Fairbanks and the North Star Borough; to support the development, growth and preservation of the community; to benefit, provide funds for, and improve the quality of life for all citizens especially those in need; to improve the standards and potentialities of Interior Alaska and more specifically the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

Funding Policies:

The Foundation actively solicits support from a broad range of donors to establish funds to further the mission of addressing the needs in the Fairbanks North Star Borough now and in the future and of serving as a charitable vehicle for Interior Alaskans. The Foundation seeks to establish all types of funds to address a wide variety of fields and issues. The types of funds accepted by the Foundation include unrestricted, donor advised, field of interest, designated, organization and project.

Gift Acceptance Policies

The Foundation actively solicits gifts and grants to further the mission of the organization. There is a potential that the acceptance of certain gifts could compromise the ability of the organization to accomplish its goals or could jeopardize its exempt status.

NSCF Community Discussion Group

The NSCF website is divided into a number of discussion groups that members can join in order to participate. Each discussion group is a self-contained miniwebsite in its own right, with its own discussion forum, blog posts by members, polls, a wiki and other features.

This particular group is a general purpose discussion group for all members of the North Star Community Foundation. Topics of conversation include but are not limited to:

  • General discussion of the goals of the NSCF.
  • Preliminary discussion of possible projects of the NSCF.
  • Announcements of relevent local events.
  • Cheerful chatter - this is the NSCF party line, your place to post comments.

Currently running campaigns.

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