Guiding Principles

Mission Statement

To identify human services concerns and to educate decision-makers and the community of changing trends in human service needs.

Arctic Alliance for People supports funding for Human Service programs to guarantee that all Alaskans have access to appropriate, affordable and quality services.

Therefore, Arctic Alliance for People…

Adoption and Foster Care

Supports efforts to provide all Alaskan children in need of aid with safe, nurturing foster care or permanent adoptive homes.

Basic Needs

Opposes cuts that would diminish programs that provide for the basic needs of elderly, disabled, and indigent Alaskans.

Behavioral Health

Supports efforts to ensure that all Alaskans have access to affordable and quality mental health care and substance abuse treatment.

Child/Youth Development and Juvenile Justice

Supports programs, youth initiatives, alternatives to detention/adjudication, and policies/procedures that lead to positive youth development.

Child Care

Supports efforts to make high quality childcare more available, accessible and affordable to all families in Alaska.

Child Protection

Supports expansion of prevention programs, efforts to promote public awareness, and child protection services.

Fiscal Responsibility

Supports the commitment to work with the legislature and administration to help craft a reasonable, workable, and responsible fiscal plan for our state.

Health Care

Supports efforts to ensure that all Alaskans have access to affordable, quality health care.

Welfare to Work

Supports adequate funding for childcare, education/training, substance abuse treatment, and other programs that will support families as they work toward self-sufficiency.

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