Call for participation in PHC '19

Project Homeless ConnectThe Fairbanks Housing & Homeless Coalition is making a call for participation in Project Homeless Connect, to be held Wednesday, January 23rd from 10 am to 3 pm in the Pioneer Park Exhibit Hall, 2300 Airport Way, Fairbanks. The FHHC, sponsored in part by the North Star Community Foundation, conducts the annual event to provide one-day, one-stop access to housing, services and hospitality directly to people experiencing poverty in Fairbanks.

Project Homeless Connect is a collaborative effort between service providers, government agencies, the private sector and the community. The unique project brings together a wide range of free services and sources of information in on place to provide a 'leg up in the saddle' for homeless and poverty stricken citizens. At one location, those in need can get everything from Haircuts to HIV testing, including a range of services including childcare, employment, family, health care, legal, mental health, teen & youth and veterans support and advice.

The FHHC is asking for participation across all sectors of the community to be active in preventing homelessness in Fairbanks. Those who have services or information to offer in the following categories can contact the FHHA to arrange to participate:

  • Service Providers and/or Government Agencies:

Contact Sheryce Borgatti to make sure your organization or agency is represented at the event.

  • Private Sector:

Contact Mike Sanders to find out how to get your employees involved.

  • General Community:

Contact Sheryce Borgatti (907) 459-6708 to arrange to volunteer to help staff the event.

Service providers and volunteers will arrive at 9 am for set-up and take-down after the event will begin at 4 pm.   

  • Contributions:

Anyone can help defray the expense of this valuable event by providing a donation to NSCF's Project Homeless Connect fund. You may donate via PayPal, Credit Card or check by filling out our online donation form.

  • More information, sign-up or donate:

    Download the event PDF and get it in the hands of the homeless.
    Donate Online
    Sign up to participate
    Get the Event Layout Powerpoint
    FHHC Website
    FHHC on Facebook
Project Homeless Connect is about real solutions to a complex problem that result in a stronger community. Individuals experiencing homelessness are connected to services quickly; gain housing, benefits and potentially employment; and experience an increase in quality of life.

Communities with an effective Project Homeless Connect report a change in the stigma linked to homelessness. Homelessness is a challenge in any conditions, however this time of year makes it particularly onerous.

Step up and help NSCF help FHHC address homelessness in Fairbanks. So far 41 organizations have signed up to provide services in 2019. During FHHC's last Project Homeless Connect last year, 33 organizations and 150 volunteers connected 347 people with numerous needed services. This year's Project Homeless Connect has the potential to be even bigger — with your help.

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