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Poised on the front lines of climate change in the arctic, Alaska is no stranger to its impacts. As the climate crisis escalates, so does the need for urgent action. Our local communities are all experiencing hardships caused by a changing climate. We want all Alaskans to have safe homes and strong businesses/organizations that serve their needs in the face of extreme weather brought on by climate change.

Support Solarize BRITE

Solarize BRITE is a program that increases the ability of nonprofits and homeowners to access affordable energy upgrades to prepare for extreme weather, adapt to a changing climate, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Solarize BRITE supports energy efficiency upgrades, with a focus on building resiliency, on an organizational level. This program is currently open to nonprofit organizations in Interior Alaska who oftentimes struggle to obtain funding for larger building upgrade projects.

BRITE provides free energy audits and tech advice, raises funds to help organizations upgrade their buildings, and captures successes/lessons learned for eventual program expansion/replication across Alaska.

Donations to BRITE allow these organizations to continue serving our community while also increasing the efficiency of their spaces. Funds raised to support this program will go directly to cover the cost of energy upgrades (new LED lights, insulation, windows, heating system, etc) to the buildings of our participants. 2023 BRITE participants include five nonprofits:

Native Movement supports grassroots-led projects that align with our vision to dismantle oppressive systems for all, and that endeavor to ensure social justice, Indigenous Peoples’ rights, and the rights of Mother Earth.

Denali Education Center is a nonprofit educational partner of Denali National Park and Preserve. We provide fun, informative, and inspiring programs that connect people to Denali.

Fairbanks Neighborhood Housing Services is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing and promoting safe, affordable housing; focusing on sustainable homeownership, self sufficiency, sound environments, and healthy quality of life.

Fairbanks Senior Center strives to meet the needs of older adults by providing services which enhance and promote quality of life, self-determination, independent living, and dignity.


JP Jones Center Our goal is to provide a first-class facility to the Fairbanks community for the hosting of any type of family-friendly, fun, community-focused events, weddings, receptions, memorials, and more.

This fundraising effort is being supported by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) & Solarize Fairbanks. A special thank you to the North Star Community Foundation for supporting Solarize BRITE as a fiscal sponsor. 

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