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Solarize BRITE is a new pilot project project that is aiming to support nonprofits in implementing resilience-focused energy efficiency upgrades and solar installs. Solarize BRITE logoWith the support of the US Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Information Insights, and Solarize Fairbanks, the BRITE team is working with a handful of nonprofits in the Fairbanks and Denali areas on energy audits, contracting for retrofits and solar, post-energy audits, and fundraising for their energy upgrades!

We are proud to announce that this year's very first nonprofit participants of the BRITE project:

Each of these wonderful organizations are in need of energy upgrades to their buildings that will not only provide future energy cost savings, but also help strengthen their ability to remain resilient through extreme weather events - allowing them to continue their important work in the community without interruption of services.

You can help - consider a donation to the BRITE Project! Our nonprofit participants are currently undergoing energy audits of their buildings to help them make decisions on what energy upgrades are best for them. Your contribution will help fund these energy upgrades, so that organizations don’t have to dip into the funds that are meant to support their full services to the community.

Thank you for your help to strengthen Fairbanks. Resilient nonprofits lead to resilient communities!

Solarize BRITE logoThis fundraising effort is being supported by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Solarize Fairbanks team:

A special thank you to the North Star Community Foundation for supporting Solarize BRITE as a fiscal sponsor.

Contact Solarize BRITE


mail:      Cold Climate Housing Research Center Building
              PO Box 83070, Fairbanks AK 99708

phone:   (907) 450-2485 

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