Friends of Fox Spring QRC code

The QR Code graphics package is available for download at:

It includes two design styles:

Version 1:

Version 2:

The two different graphics provided as design options are Quick Response Codes. They accomplish the exact same thing.

Both of these graphics are intended to be scanned by software in a smartphone that turns the camera into a bar code reader.

That software will then decode the dot pattern of the graphic into a web URL, which is:

The scan software app will then pass that URL to a browser in the phone and tell the browser to access the URL.  The effect is exactly the same as if the user had typed the string into the browser, but is much faster and avoids typing errors. Think of it as a visual hyperlink to the donation page.

The browser will then display the first page of the FoFS donation process.

So:  Launch the QRC scan app, scan the graphic, see the donation page.

That is the simple process.


Depending upon where and how The Friends of Fox Spring want to print a scan graphic, there are various sizes and resolutions of these two graphics available for downloading at:

Any competent graphic designer can select one of these options to include in a brochure, poster, flier, hand out or even highway billboard.

Doing so would put rapid access to the donation page in the hands of anyone with a smart phone, a Scan app and a view of the graphic.