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This the home page for Fairbanks Info.com

FairbanksInfo.com was the result of a collaborative effort to inform the Fairbanks community about the human and social services available to youth, adults, and seniors in the greater Fairbanks North Star Borough. A searchable database of services was provided at the original website.

The Arctic Alliance for People coalition is the sponsor of this website and hence the domain.

The domain fairbanksinfo.com has been moved from an independent server to the server for nscfundalaska.com and this page is within the Arctic Alliance for People section of the NSCF website.

The social services database has been preserved and pending some engineering, it may reappear here. In the mean time, the domain name and email addresses are being served by a new host.

The Arctic Alliance for People email list is operational and behaves essentially the same as it did at the original hosting service.